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“Why and How to Become a Supply Partner”

Are you interested in being part of a new innovative service to Homeowners, landlords and small businesses?

Are you proud of what you do and excel at delivering excellent service and value?

If so…

MyMaintenance would love to hear from you.

  1. 1. Introduction: MyMaintenance™ is dedicated to providing its members with the very best service it can. A key part of this service is the selection of supply chain partners who will share this ethos and who are committed to delivering and striving for excellence in the service they provide.  You can see our values by visiting the Values section on the website
  2. 2. Way we work:  MyMaintenance™ works on the basis of providing great value and service through knowledge of the members’ property through a property folder we have created for each member. This folder contains key details of the property including room sizes, floor, wall and ceiling decorations, appliances, doors and windows as well as locations of key utilities including water stop cocks and gas cut off valves. These folders will mean that in a large amount of cases we will not need to visit a members’ property in order to measure for a quote or assess the scale of the job. This means that we will use less of your time to provide quotes and visits. As a supply chain (labour only partner) you will have access to all our customers and will be part of our pre-qualified, approved and trusted selection of top suppliers. We will be limiting the number of suppliers in each category to ensure we can manage quality and so that each supplier gets a reasonable amount of work through MyMaintenance™. 
  3. 3. What do you gain by working as a service partner on behalf of MyMaintenance Ltd:
    1. a. Access to a good customer base.
    2. b. Regular work.
    3. c. Payments within two weeks
    4. d. Paid direct by our customers.
    5. e. You decide your rate.
    6. f. Less visits to price jobs
    7. g. Better chance of your quote being successful
    8. h. Being part of a new and exciting business dedicated to quality and customer service. 
    9. 4. You as our supply partner will in most cases contract direct with the customer and will use the terms and conditions as set out by us to do so. You will need relevant insurance cover as you will have for any other work you carry out with your other customers. In terms of billing, we will provide a consolidated bill which will include your bill. The customer will pay you direct using the bank account details you will supply us.
    10. 5. We offer better deals for customers by not only the use of our unique property folder but also through buying materials direct. Whilst we will require you to estimate and order materials from our selected suppliers we will be paying for these separately and billing the customer as part of the consolidated bill.
    11. 6. As part of working with us we will be monitoring performance on a regular basis. After every job the customer will be sent a satisfaction survey which will be sent back to us and used to ensure that we are continuing to deliver an excellent service. Where there is an issue with performance we will work with you to ensure that we can solve and eradicate any performance issues going forward. We want to maintain a good relationship with our supply chain partners and part of this will be having honest conversations about our relative performances (this does include us and how our performance may affect you).
    12. 7. We expect all our supply chain partners to carry cleaning equipment including brush, pan, vacuum cleaner, dust sheets, dusters, waste bags and to ensure that the job is left clean and tidy after completion. This is a major issue for customers and will inevitably lead to lower satisfaction scores should we fail in this area.
    13. 8. As part of our branding we will expect our supply chain partners to wear merchandise we supply such as badges and to have on their vehicle a removable sticker saying “working with MyMaintenance” .
    14. 9. Applying to be a supply partner requires you to complete our standard application form and provide two work references, alternatively you can call us to discuss any aspect of our service or business. 
    15. 10. We want you as our supply partners to be proud to work on our behalf and we will do all we can to make sure that working with us is of mutual benefit to you, us and not least our customers.
    16. 11. Unlike some other companies we do not charge you to become part of our approved list. 

Steps to apply:

    1. a) Fill in our simple online application form and send to us along with a copy of your insurance (you can scan or send separately).
    2. b) Alternativley, click here to download an application form.
    3. c) We will validate your qualifications, references and application form and inform you if you have been successful within a week.
    4. d) If you are successful you become one of our supply partners. At this point as soon as any work comes up in your area we will ask you to either quote for it (no more than 3 quotes to increase your chances) or you will be asked to carry out the work without quoting.