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Introductory Offer

Two offers to help you make your mind up and to show our commitment to the quality and value of our service.

* 3 Months FREE Membership

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"Peace of mind" & innovative Service

  • Local, pre-approved and trusted trades people.
  • Transparent costs.
  • Instant feedback on performance.
  • Donates 20% of profits to your choice of causes and charities.
  • Your Personalised "My Property Folder" with all your property details in one place.

One Touch for All your Home Needs...

  • All your property details in your unique “My Property Folder”
  • A history of all work carried out on your property
  • A one stop, one touch for all your home needs.



  • EPC: We can source and store in your "My Property Folder"
  • Gas and Elect certification : We can source, store and remind you from your "My Property Folder"
  • Inventory: We can source and store in your "My Property Folder"

How MyMaintenance™ Works


MyMaintenance™ is your very own one stop service for all your property needs. We only use local trades people who have passed our stringent selection criteria and supply materials at cost. You have your own unique “My Property Folder” with all your key property details in one place which we update as work is completed. You can order at any time from our website and at selected times by phone. We also offer a unique key retention service which stores your key securely, lose or mislay your key we open the door for you. All of our costs are transparent so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

If you would like to take advantage of our network of approved local supply partners without becoming a member then give us a call on 0845 322 6060 or use our contact form to get in touch. You will still have the transparency of price, our materials buying benefit and a trusted supply network but without the benefits of the savings in personal time and our unique" My Property Folder". 

“My Property Folder”

Once you have joined us, (there are no ties and you can cancel at any time), we survey your property and create your own unique property folder. 

This folder contains all the main details about your property including room sizes, appliances, heating, boiler, water stop cock location, warranties on appliances and any other detail we feel can help to deliver more efficient services to you as well as ensuring you have a detailed record of your property and its service history. Very much like you have with a full service history for your car. 

For landlords we also include statutory doucments such as the new EPC, Gas and Electrical certifcates as well as any inventories or other documents associated with the property.

Arrange Work Easily.

Any time (24/7) you want any work done to your home, you simply log into your folder (or call us – 08:00 to 18:00 Mon to Fri except for emergencies which is 24/7) and order work directly from there. We then sort out all the details including any quotes you may want or particular trades people you may want. If your folder has not been created at that point (there may be a slight delay in getting your survey carried out) you can still order through our site or by phone. 

We will arrange the service provider and materials for your work at a time that is convenient for you and once completed ask you to fill in a simple customer satisfaction survey which we will email to you. We will also update your folder with the work history. All you then have to do is to pay the invoices when they arrive, we will email you to say they are ready and will be in your folder. 

Paying and Updating your Folder

Our charges are split into two areas, the first a low monthly subscription fee to cover the cost of your folder, updating the history and finding and approving our approved supply partners. The second charge is a small % addition to any work you have done to cover the cost of our arranging and managing the supply partners, buying materials and the administration of the job. 

Simple, Efficient, Time Saving and Convenient!

Our local service partners are carefully selected to ensure they are qualified, fully insured and experienced in delivering great service. They work to our values and standards and are continually monitored through our customer feedback system.

We buy materials directly so cutting out any "on charges" and only charge you the price we pay which is a lot less as we buy as trade users and can take advantage of volume discounts.

Our service partners can deliver more efficiently to you because they understand your property, we have great buying power and we treat them fairly. 

We can save you around 25% on your property costs as well as around 70% saving of your personal time.