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Introductory Offer

Two offers to help you make your mind up and to show our commitment to the quality and value of our service.

* 3 Months FREE Membership

* 50% Reduction to our service Fee in the First 3 months.


One Touch for All your Home Needs...

  • All your property details in your unique “My Property Folder”
  • A history of all work carried out on your property
  • A one stop, one touch for all your home needs.


Want to Save...

  • Up to 70% of your personal time
  • Around 25% of your home maintenance costs



  • EPC: We can source and store in your "My Property Folder"
  • Gas and Elect certification : We can source, store and remind you from your "My Property Folder"
  • Inventory: We can source and store in your "My Property Folder"

Our service is priced as follows:

a) A low subscription fee (as low as 20p per day, see table below).

b) A small charge to cover the cost of arranging and managing your work. 

The diagram below shows what each area covers. You can rest assured that we will always save you time and money whilst delivering excellent service. 

(You can take advantage of our approved supply chain, transparent costs and great service without subscribing for your unique "My Property Folder". With this option you will only pay the small charge in b) ) 

To discuss your individual requirements call us on 0845 322 6060 (cheap rate),contact us using our Contact form or go to our Sign Up page now.