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Transparency - Integrity - Reliability


" Investors in Customers and Communities", Transparency and You
Our values are based on actions we can deliver and that you can see being delivered, not some vague statements that you often see. 

We believe that businesses can only really prosper if they consider prosperity to be not only financial but the wellbeing and satisfaction of their customers and the communities in which they operate.
This means that as we gain strength as a business we support our customers and communities more and more.

We want to coin a new phrase "Investors in Customers and Communities" to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and the communities in which they live.

“Investors in Customers”: You, our customer and member, of the MyMaintenance™ service are at the heart of everything we do. The only real question for a business is "how well are we serving our customers? We will look at every aspect of our service from your perspective and always see it through your eyes. Examples such as “how easy is it to fill in a form?”, “how easy is it to communicate with us?”, “how easy is to place an order or use our system?”.

“Investors in Communities”: Customers live in communities and we as businesses need to engage more in communities.
At MyMaintenance™ we are committed to do our part and will contribute at least 20% of any profit we make to local charities and causes. You as members of MyMaintenance™ will decide which charities or causes that the money will go to each year.

Transparency: To us this this means that everything we do will be explained in a way that allows you to clearly understand our service, our prices and how well we are doing. We believe that being transparent develops trust and ensures that we as a company are conscious of our obligations to you our customers and members
We will publish our yearly financial performance and customer satisfaction results for our customers and members to view.
You can ask us any question you like about MyMaintenance™ and we will not only welcome but encourage your feedback on any aspect of MyMaintenance™.

Integrity: We will deal with you honestly and "tell it as it is". We want to devleop your trust and that means being honest even when we get it wrong (which we will occasionally!). We will always strive to work to the highest levels of professionalism and principles when we are dealing with you our customer.

Reliability: We understand the frustration and time that can be wasted when promises are made and not kept. We see reliability as being very high on your list of things we need to get right every time. Our reliablity will be one of our key measures in delivering the service to you. 

What we ask of you: Values are a two way street and we would ask that you, our customers and members, play your part by providing honest feedback on our performance, our treatment of you, and approach us if there are any issues you are not happy about. You can also do your part by being prompt with payments helping us to keep our bank costs down (no one wants to provide extra money to the banks!),so that we can pay our suppliers promptly and help them to keep their costs down.