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Two offers to help you make your mind up and to show our commitment to the quality and value of our service.

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Want to Save...

  • Up to 70% of your personal time
  • Around 25% of your home maintenance costs


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  • Local, pre-approved and trusted trades people.
  • Transparent costs.
  • Instant feedback on performance.
  • Donates 20% of profits to your choice of causes and charities.
  • Your Personalised "My Property Folder" with all your property details in one place.

Why use MyMaintenance™

Around 25% savings on your costs and up to 70% saving of your time…

Your Time is Precious

How much time does it take to find out who to call, arrange visits, get quotes, review the quotes, order the work, get the work done and then pay? The diagram below shows how much time you can spend sorting out work on your property and how much time you will spend if you use MyMaintenance™.  The time saved is as much as 7hrs to you and nearly 2 hours for your supplier. This excludes the time you will take to store information, warranties and generally look for any past information you may now need. No more taking a day off to wait for someone to turn up to measure up.

Single and Simple Point of Call.

We act as a single point of call for anything you need for your home. Whether that is building an extension, repairing a gutter, servicing a boiler or getting some ironing done.  We source these from our approved supply chain partners who are constantly monitored for not only quality but value for money.  You order direct through “Your Property Folder” or by calling us, making the whole ordering process easy and simple to use.

Managing your Most Important Asset

Our unique “Your Property Folder” not only stores all the key information for your property but it is updated with all your maintenance history as it evolves. This is very similar to the Full Service History you often have for your car. “Your Property Folder” is your unique place to see your property's history and details. The “Your Property Folder” provides invaluable information to help deliver efficient services to you but also when and if you come to sell your property.

Delivering Efficiency and Value for Money  

The buying strength of a group of people is always more powerful in not only achieving good value but better service. Because we also separate the labour from the materials we can pass on the real costs to you free of the usual mark-up that would be applied. We know your property and understand the history, in 80% of cases we do not need to visit before we obtain quotes. This saves our service partners, time and reflects in the labour charges they apply. We also pay promptly which means there are less bank charges applied. We will be tracking each job to ensure the quality and values we believe in are continually delivered by our service partners and that you, our customer, are continually satisfied with our service. If you use our key retention service we can carry out work on your property without you being present if you want us to.

What You can Save on Work Carried Out

Let's say a job normally takes 12 hrs at £20 per hour and materials are £100 to you. The supplier will build in an amount for visits, pricing, picking up materials, handling time and various overheads. So let say this is an extra 3 hours of time.
Total bill: 15 times £20 + £100 = £400

With MyMaintenance™ it would be:

Job 10 hrs (your property folder info makes us more efficient) and say 1 hr of overhead time. Our discount on materials of at least 40%
So 11hrs times £20+ £60= £280 our service charge of 9.5%= £306.60

A saving of around 25% with a better level of service, complete price transparency, your own dedicated property folder and membership of a club who are dedicated to reducing your home costs.

Remember this excludes your own personal time saving of around 70% by using MyMaintenance™ as your very own concierge service for your home.